The Baby In Yellow

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Welcome to the 3D horror game called The Baby In Yellow. Your mission in this game is to make sure you are safe while completing your caregiver job.

What happens in The Baby In Yellow

You find a job looking after a child who wears yellow while his parents are away. Everything is normal and you seem to have been doing a good job as a babysitter. You have to feed the baby, change the diaper, put the baby to bed, turn on and off the lights, and do other tasks in this game. However, when night comes, everything seems to change and become unusual. What is it? Let's explore

It's time to enjoin The Baby In Yellow

What you need to do in the game

The lights in the house suddenly didn't work and the house went dark. You can only rely on the dim light of the moon shining into the house through the windows. The signal in the house is also lost and you cannot contact anyone. As a professional babysitter, your first concern is the safety of the child. However, something strange happened and that child became really strange. Unexpectedly, that kid is looking for a way to attack you and destroy you. You have to defend yourself against that attack.

Like in the Siren Head game, when playing this game, you will have the thrill, excitement, and surprise when you have to take care of a child and at the same time be wary of the evil of that child. Discover the strange things about the child, keep yourself safe, and complete the mission well.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to move items, slide the mouse to look around, and use the mouse wheel to control your vision.
  • Move around with arrow keys.
  • Press ESC to quit the game.