Brutal io

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Brutal io is a game familiar to most people when it belongs to the io game genre. Get ready to navigate a vehicle that has a circular flail attached.

Description of the game


As I mentioned above, you will control an interesting character that is a vehicle with a flap that moves around the area. The goal is to find ways to increase the size of your flail and destroy all your opponents. Become the most brutal and strongest in the entire region.

How to increase the size of your flail

There are many energy particles throughout your play area. Each time you control your vehicle to absorb those energy particles, your flail will become larger. Small green triangles moving around the area can also help your character get bigger. You control your vehicle to absorb these little green triangles, your character will grow faster. Keep absorbing them to become bigger and bigger. In addition to consuming colorful energy particles, your flail can become stronger and bigger by destroying your opponent or other players in other words.

How to destroy your opponent

Being brutal when attacking and eliminating your opponents is a fast way for your flail to grow fastest. Your vehicle spins to hit another player with its smash that can knock out the other character. Conversely, if you come into contact with another player's smash, your result is discarded. Therefore, during the gameplay, you always have to be on the lookout for surprise attacks from your opponents.

Some questions about Brutal io

Who is the developer of Brutal io?

Andre Almeida is a game developer with a lot of experience in io game development created this game. He is from Lisbon, Portugal, and is also the creator of famous io games like Wings.io and Powerline.io.

Is this game hard to control?

Brutal io has simple and easy controls like in the Bad Time Simulator game. This is also a common feature of io games. Move your vehicle by moving the mouse. Besides, you left click to detack the flail and hold the left click to attach the flail.

When will this game be published?

Published in September 2017, the game is loved by players worldwide and is rated 8.7 stars. This is a high rating. Besides, because the game is published on a web browser, it is very easy for players to access this game.

When and where can you play this game?

This game is also famous for its unblocked version. That's why you can play this Brutal io game anytime and anywhere. Wish you have a good time.