Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator

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Survive till the end in this game

Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator is ready for you to experience a dark and bad world. Your task in this game is to help the cat carry out missions to survive.

Background of the game

You will be lost in a strange world where a week is only 6 days long. You encounter an interesting cat in this world. One day, Monday suddenly appeared, making a week 7 days. This Monday is the worst and scariest Monday ever as everyone has gone crazy since it came out. To protect himself, the cat decided to hide underground because he thought it was a safe place. However, the underground is a strange and dangerous place inhabited by deadly creatures. The cat now has to try to complete different missions to survive. Are you ready to help the cat overcome the challenges in this game?

The mission in Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator

There is a heart representing the female cat that you will help in this game. Just like in the Bad Time Simulator game, your job is to protect that heart from deadly attacks. Various attacks have different destructive power. They will continuously attack you and you must react quickly to avoid them.

Guide to control

The way to play this game is so simple and we have simple instructions for you.

  • Press X or enter to select
  • Press Z to return
  • Press the arrow keys to play

Difficulty levels in the Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator game

The game is divided into 3 difficulty levels including Normal, Hard, and Monday. Normal is the easiest of these three difficulty modes. In this difficulty, your heart has 100 HP which is the highest level of power. Besides, there are many items for you to use. The second difficulty level is Hard. Your heart only has 50 HP and there are very few useful items for you to use. Therefore, the possibility of you losing will be higher when you play at this difficulty. The most terrible difficulty is Monday. Without any items and only 1 HP, how long can you survive?

Notes for you to play

After you choose the difficulty and press start to play. There are a few things you need to know to get the best out of this game. These include Fight, Pray, Item, and Mercy.

  • Fight: Select Fight to start the fight immediately. Deadly attacks and challenges are waiting for you.
  • Pray: When you select Pray, an image of a praying cat will appear. After that, an attack with the strongest damage will appear. Just hit that attack once, and the game is over.
  • Item: The item will give you healing items such as Spaghetti or Noodle. After eating them, your HP bar will recover a certain amount.
  • Mercy: Choosing to spare your life or run away from monsters are two options in Mercy. Players are free to choose between these two options.