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Undertale is an interesting adventure game and one of the most mysterious indie games. Defeat evil and write your own adventure story in this great game.

The story of the Undertale game

From time immemorial, humans have always been a symbol of good and monsters represent evil. Humans and monsters have never lived in harmony with each other and there are always wars between the two races. A war broke out and humanity won. The monsters were forced to leave the ground and move to the bottom of a remote and dark mountain. After thousands of years, almost no one remembers this story. However, the story continued when a human boy happened to walk there and fell into the pit that was the tunnel leading to the land of monsters. The boy couldn't get out of that place. The only condition for the boy to leave this place is to explore the entire dark world of monsters and leave safely. Will the boy be able to do it? Get ready to help the boy and continue writing this story the way you do in the Bad Time Simulator game.

The mission to escape the Undertale

How to play

The kid in an adventure suit with a flashlight on his head couldn't leave this place. Explore the dark monster world and find your way out at the end of the area. However, exploring the whole place is not easy. Unknown obstacles and difficulties can easily knock you down. What you can do is believe in your abilities, persevere, and try to help the child overcome those obstacles.

Glowing crystals are very attractive because of their beauty and charm. They appear everywhere. However, they are also very dangerous because of their sharp edges. Just one and a light touch with those glowing crystals, the boy could die. Therefore, do not let the baby collide with those deadly crystals. Wish you and the boy success in overcoming the challenges and escaping from this dangerous world of monsters.

How to control

To overcome the obstacles, you need to perform the movements of walking, running, and jumping. The up arrow key will help you to support the boy to jump. Besides, you use left and right arrow keys to control the boy to move backward or forward in this dark tunnel. This dark tunnel is sometimes flexible and is likely to collapse at any time. Big rocks are slowly falling down. You help the boy run as fast to avoid those big rocks and escape the danger of being buried in the ground. Have a great time and a great adventure!