Sir Kain Battle

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About Sir Kain Battle

Sir Kain Battle simulates the fights of you and a cat knight. In the soul state represented as a heart, you need to survive and defeat the cat knight.

The new villain in Sir Kain Battle

Instead of fighting Sans as in Bad Time Simulator, you have to face a famous cat knight - Kain. The Cat Knight is famous as a brave knight with terrifying powers. He is always aiming for perfect powers and wants to be the strongest. Knowing your skills, he wants to challenge you to defeat you. You have no choice but to accept his challenge. The power of the cat knight almost overwhelms you. Will you be able to defeat this knight?

Take a battle with the cat knight

No one has ever defeated Kain, are you the first to defeat him? Kain the cat knight is too strong, so you need to plan smart for yourself to be able to defeat him. There are many options available to you. You can choose to fight immediately to learn about the strength of Kain or you can negotiate to find the weak point of this enemy. Show your strength and intelligence. Smash the arrogance of the cat knight with your own victory.

Game control

The control of this game is simple and similar to other simulation games of the same genre. Here is a brief instruction for you:

  • Click or hold the arrow keys to move around
  • Press X or enter to select
  • Press Z to return

People also ask some questions about this game

Who created this game?

According to some information, this fighting simulation game was created by Arin, a game developer. The game is designed to support people on different platforms. However, there is still no exact information on when this game will be released.

Is there an unblocked version of Sir Kain Battle?

The simulation game itself is unblocked. Therefore, it can also be called the Sir Kain Battle unblocked game. With this useful feature, you don't need to worry about blocking and unblocking problems when playing this game.

Is this Sir Kain Battle game difficult?

The answer is yes. There are some opinions that this game is unfair because the power of the cat knight Kain is too great and will never be won. Even though there were players who were about to defeat Kain, they still failed at the last point. However, this is also the highlight of this game. To prove your strength, intelligence, and courage, try to defeat him.