Sans Fight Simulator

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Description of Sans Fight Simulator

Sans Fight Simulator is a skill game about a fight against Sans. In this game, your goal is to survive as long as you can by avoiding Sans' bone attacks.

Avoid Sans' attacks in Sans Fight Simulator

You encounter Sans again who is also the boss in the Bad Time Simulator game. San's deadly power is overwhelming you. What you can do now is try to protect your soul or heart in other words by avoiding Sans' attacks. Sans' bone rain and laser attack will continuously appear. How long can you survive?

It's better to follow your HP. The max power of the heart is 30. Each time a bone collides with your heart, you will lose 1 HP. As such, you can only withstand up to 30 damage. If you can survive the first waves, you will unlock the Items section where you can use healing items. Heal to restore strength and continue your fight.

In case your soul's HP bar runs out, this means you die. You notice a red button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click that red button to restart the game and do a fight with Sans again. With the experience of previous fights, try to survive as long as possible until you can defeat him.

Move your heart cleverly

You hold down the left mouse button and slide the mouse to move your red heart. In any direction you move the mouse, the heart will move. Watch for the deadly bone and avoid it as it tends to collide with your heart. There is a standing bone fixed in a position in the game. Your soul or heart can hide behind that bone to avoid other bones. In addition, there will be laser beams attacking the sides, and the rain of bones will pause to signal its arrival. You move the character to the center of the screen to avoid this attack.

Make conversations with Sans

While avoiding attacks, you can completely have a conversation with Sans. You can say that you have no thoughts against him or destroy him. Normally, Sans won't respond or interact again. However, if you are lucky, he can reply to you or stop attacks. You will have time to rest and recuperate at that time. You can also try to fool and attack him.