Among Us

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Among Us is a multiplayer game about an exciting spaceship experience where you must find the impostor. Become a detective and start your investigation.

The story of Among Us

The game offers a multiplayer setting like in the Brutal io game. Different players are teleported onto a spaceship where one player will be the impersonator. He is trying to destroy all the remaining players while the remaining players are trying to destroy him. In this game, you will play one of these two roles. Who will you be?

Missions in Among Us

The quest to find the impostor on the spaceship

You and your colleagues on the spacecraft are very confused and worried. The crew member impersonator is walking around freely, and it's possible the next victim will appear at any moment. You and others are forced to calm down to find the fake. Don't trust anyone and always be on guard when any member approaches you because he is most likely the fake one. If you find an impostor or any indication that someone is an impostor, report him. However, think carefully before giving the final result because you will die if you give the wrong answer.

Mission to kill the members of the spaceship as an impostor

You have the task to kill all crew members to own the spaceship if you are an impostor. Approach any member of the spaceship and find the right moment to kill him. Act like a normal member so that other members won't be wary of you. That's when you take action.