Deltarune Spamton Neo Retro Recreation

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Deltarune Spamton Neo Retro Recreation is a retro style game. In this fighting game, you will take part in battles against Spamton NEO from DELTARUNE.

The boss of Deltarune Spamton Neo Retro Recreation

In the Deltarune world, there is a famous evil character that people often talk about. It's Spamtom. He used to be a good guy until his business activities stagnated and made him cranky. Gradually, he became a terrorist of the city, whom everyone should fear. Stampom offers you a challenge. If you do not accept this challenge, he will destroy your life.

How to play Deltarune Spamton Neo Retro Recreation

Take a fight against Spamton NEO

To protect your peaceful life, you accept that challenge. It was not natural that Stampon became a famous bad guy outlaw. He is really strong and no one has ever defeated him. Are you one of the few brave people who can defeat the Stampon. Be careful and move flexibly to avoid the deadly attack of this evil. Find his weak point and take him down when he's not paying attention. Various moves and attacks are available in your arsenal. Use them in the most effective way. Also, your HP bar needs regular attention as it shows your strength.

Game control guide

The control of this game is similar to the game Undertale Last Breath where character movements are performed using WASD or arrow keys. Z and Enter are two things that you will apply to confirm or fire. Besides, this game is always in full screen mode so you don't need any controls to activate full screen mode.