Ball Dolls

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Ball Dolls is a two-player shooting combat game where you can experience mysterious castles and temples. The quest to destroy monsters is waiting for you.

Explore the mysterious castles and temples and destroy monsters

The overview of Ball Dolls

If you are a player who loves the game Undergarf: Bad Monday simulator, Bad Doll might be one of the names on your list of favorite games. In this game, you get lost in a mystical place consisting of ancient castles and temples. There are also dangerous monsters there. Those monsters are hunting you. You're lucky you have a gun on you. Use your splashing skills to destroy them and keep yourself safe.

One player and two-player modes

Single player mode: The goal is to kill the monsters and leave this dangerous place. There are 4 maps in this mode that you can experience.

Two-player mode: Invite your friends to this game to cooperate in destroying monsters or making enemies of each other. Two players destroy each other and the one who stands to the last moment is the winner.

Notes for you to play Ball Dolls

Although you own an advanced gun, the gun's ammo is limited. Therefore, each bullet that you shoot needs to hit the target. As a result, you can save your ammo. The treasure yang appearing in the temple can give you ammo or new weapons. Find a way to escape the monsters and get to the location of the treasure yang.

One of the things you need to keep in mind when playing this game is your character's HP bar. When you are successfully attacked by monsters, the HP bar will decrease a bit. HP bar returns to 0, you die.