Tomb of the Mask

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It's time to enjoy Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask is an addictive game that takes you to a maze tomb. Will you break out of the grave? Logical thinking is important in this game.

The task in this game

As you probably already know, this game puts you in an interesting situation where you are trapped in a large maze tomb that has a lot of small mazes. In addition, there are many difficulties and challenges that prevent you from being able to escape the maze like the way Sans prevents you in the Bad Time Simulator game. The small maze is inside the big maze. You pass through each door in each maze and you will get out of this maze tomb.

How to escape from the maze tomb

To escape the maze tomb, there are a few things you need to remember. First, you will use the arrow keys to control the movements of your mysterious character. You can see the whole of the maze where there are many stars and coins scattered throughout the maze. Your character must move to collect all the coins and stars before reaching the exit door of the maze. You also need to be aware of the fences and traps in this labyrinthine tomb. If your character accidentally collides with those dangerous obstacles, you will have to start your escape journey at that level again.

Some questions about the game Tomb of the Mask

Who is the creator of the game?

Happymagenta UAB which is a globally famous game developer created this game and published it in 2016. This puzzle and platform game has attracted thousands of players by its fun, simple yet challenging gameplay of the game.

How many stages of the game are there?

This game offers 550 levels corresponding to 550 mazes. You must conquer these 550 mazes to be able to escape this mysterious maze. Get ready to start your maze journey.

Where can you play this puzzle game for free?

This game was originally released on CH Play and IOS app platforms. Later, its online version was released on game sites. As such, you can play this game on all platforms and they are completely free.

Is Tomb of the Mask safe?

You don't need to worry about this because the answer is that this game is completely safe. Moreover, it is also recommended by parents to let their children play in their leisure time because according to some studies, this game can make children develop logic and observation abilities and of course, it is very interesting.