Bad Time Simulator

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Bad Time Simulator is a skill game that is also famous as Sans Fight. Play this game to test your skills by protecting your heart or soul from Sans' attacks. Are you confident with your skills to defeat the legendary Sans with epic power? Prove your ability with unbelievable goals and get ready to enjoy the unique soundtrack of this game called Bad Time which is derived from Megalovania and Monty on the Run.

Sans, the dangerous skeleton from Undertale, is back and ready to bring you more amazing and exciting experiences than ever in Bad Time Simulator. Get ready to immerse yourself in dramatic battles.

The Sans character in Undertale

For those who know Sans for the first time, Sans is a skeleton character wearing a blue jacket from Undertale. He appears easy-going, laid-back, and friendly. However, he is actually a final boss who possesses terrifying epic powers. This Sans character can create and manipulate bones, use deadly lasers, and possess many other amazing abilities. In this game, Sans also acts as a villain who will try to destroy you.

The soul modes and the most outstanding attacks of Sans

On the one hand, your soul or heart will appear in two different modes when confronting Sans. They are blue soul mode and red soul mode. Your green heart in blue soul mode has a gravity feature. Therefore, the ability of the heart to move will depend on how long you press the joystick. In contrast, gravity properties do not appear in the red-soul mode. Your red heart has the ability to hover and it is very easy to move in any direction.

On the other hand, there are 3 most outstanding Sans attacks that you often see in this game including Dragon Skulls, Psychokinesis, and Bone Attack.

  • Dragon Skulls: Large skulls will appear and shoot a beam of white light that can destroy anything that gets in its way.
  • Psychokinesis: When Sans uses this attack, he has the ability to move the player's soul.
  • Bone Attack: There are two types of bones, white bones, and blue bones. In general, green bones are friendly bones as the heart will not do any damage if bumping into them. In contrast, white bones can reduce your strength. In this attack, a lot of white bones will appear and when your heart or soul collides with it, your strength will decrease.

How to fight Sans in Bad Time Simulator

The mission of protecting your heart from Sans

Get ready for a dangerous yet exciting battle with Sans. In this skill game, your soul is symbolized by a heart and it is being attacked by Sans. Your task is to control your heart character to avoid the deadly attacks of this boss to pass the levels and conquer the game. However, each time you dodge an attack, he will immediately create a more deadly attack to knock you down. Therefore, focusing on observing and reacting quickly when navigating the heart is one of the most important things to be able to conquer this game.

Get ready to select your bad time on the game's homepage and start your fights. While playing, you should notice your character's health bar and the four buttons including Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy on the screen. After you get past Sans' attacks, your heart strength can drop significantly. You will eat useful items and use great features in Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy to restore your strength and continue your battle journey. Some healing items that you can use to increase your power are Steak, L.Hero, and L.Hero Page 1. Don't let your heart break if you don't want to end the game early. Various attacks and challenges are waiting for you.

In addition to the times of survival fights with Sans, you and Sans will also have interesting conversations. You should be wary of his words and not trust them because Sans can instantly kill you when you are defenseless.

Controls you need to be aware of when playing the game

This game is famous for its simple control but is difficult to conquer. Here's a guide to the controls so you can easily get your experience started.

  • Press the up and down arrow keys to move the heart shape to the options you want to select your bad time.
  • Press enter or the Z key to select your bad time.
  • Press X to go back.
  • Use arrow keys and WASD to move.
  • Use X to attack.

A variety of modes of your bad time in Bad Time Simulator

Participating in this game, you can choose to play in Normal Mode, Practice Mode, Endless Mode, Single Attack Mode, and Custom Attack Mode. Let's explore the highlights of each game mode in this simulator game.

  • Normal Mode: The game is divided into several levels and sorted by increasing difficulty in this game mode. You will pass the levels one by one to conquer this game.
  • Practice Mode: If you are a beginner to this game, it's highly recommended that you should play the game in this mode. Practice to better understand how to play this game.
  • Endless Mode: This mode takes you to endless wars against the Sans skeleton with epic power. Play this mode to see how long it takes you to defeat this evil boss.
  • Single Attack Mode: One of the interesting and outstanding points of this game is that the game offers individual attacks so that players have a chance to experience them. Single Attack will include all attacks designed in this game. Even if you cannot overcome the initial attacks, you can still experience other evil attacks.
  • Custom Attack Mode: This mode offers innovative and exciting attacks that are generally performed to kill the monster papyrus, undyne, and others. There is currently no custom attack in this version. However, you don’t have to worry about this custom attack because it will be updated with the latest version soon. In particular, you can add or create a custom attack in bad time simulator using the version of this game by Joe Zeng.

Outstanding questions about the Bad Time Simulator (Sans Fight) game

1, Who made the Bad Time Simulator?

As I mentioned above, Undertale can be seen as the inspiration for this game. It was made by pokemaster2005 and developed by an indie developer named TobyFox. The game was launched in 2018 and the remake of Jcw87. Now, you can play this game on a web browser and Android.

2, How many attacks are there in the game?

The attacks in this game all represent Sans' attacks. As such, Sans has 24 attacks which means this game has 24 attacks such as Strongest Move, Bone Slam, Bone Wall, Gaster Blasters, and etc. They are divided into two parts and the attacks in the second part will be more difficult. Part one consists of 13 attacks and part two consists of 11 attacks.

3, Can you access the Bad Time Simulator Unblocked version?

The answer is absolutely world. Bad Time Simulator Unblocked version is integrated in the original version and you can experience the version on the web browser anywhere.

4, How do you hit Sans in the game?

Sans seems to be invincible in this game when possessing incredible power and attack ability. However, in addition to protecting yourself from his attacks, you can still attack Sans. The best time to do your hits is when Sans sleeps. Work hard to survive the special attack and wait until Sans falls asleep. So, it's time for you to relax. However, you should not move or make any sound because Sans will be awakened and you will have to go through the survival battles again.

5, What happens when you defeat Sans?

When you defeat Sans, it means you are in the bad time simulator ending. You will leave the room when Sans dies and the heart also disappears. If you want to avoid losing your soul, you have to reset.