Undertale Last Breath

138 votes 3.3/5

Description of Undertale Last Breath

Undertale Last Breath is the fan-made version of the original - Undertale. In this game, try to survive and protect your hero from Sans and Gaster.

The mission in this game

The gameplay is similar to the original version and the Bad Time Simulator game. In this game, you continue to be in a gloomy underworld and face a lot of deadly attacks. Transform into a heart that represents your soul and participate in battles now! Sans, who is the game's villainous boss, has the help of a mysterious man named Gaster in this game. Your mission is to defeat the skeleton character Sans and his supporter Gaster to escape the dark underworld while protecting your hero.

Stages in Undertale Last Breath

This game has three stages that you need to pass to complete your goal.

  • The first stage: You may be familiar with this stage. You confront Sans and try to avoid his deadly attacks. In addition, you will have two options when the confrontation ends. You choose to attack the villain or let him go. Let us know your choice.
  • The second Stage: You will move to this second stage when you choose the option to attack the villain. During this stage, Sans is seriously injured and he is armed. It seems that you can defeat Sans easily when he is so badly injured. However, Gaster appears and assists Sans at the last moment. Therefore, you can't kill Sans in this second stage.
  • The third stage: This is the most dramatic and bloody stage in this game. During this stage, you will have a chance to kill Sans. However, achieving the goal of destroying Sans is still extremely hard. There is a big evil conspiracy waiting for you in this third stage. This is the last and also the most difficult one ever. No one has ever been able to pass this barrier. What about you?

Overall reviews of the Undertale Last Breath game

Simple game with attractive and familiar gameplay. You use the arrow keys to perform heart or soul motion controls in other words. Created by fans based on the original game, the game offers a more enjoyable experience. Anyone can play this game. However, it isn't easy to complete the mission in this game. Vivid sound effects and beautiful graphics are also elements that you love in this game.