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Description of Incredibox

Incredibox is a fun music game with simple and engaging gameplay. Developed by the French company So Far So Good, the game has exploded across the globe.

Become a bandleader of a cappella group in Incredibox

When you access this game, you will come across a strange band consisting of 7 members and a lot of weird symbols below. Quirky icons like hats, glasses, headphones, and more represent a type of music. You will become the band leader of that band game and guide them to create great music.

In the beginning, each member of the band did not have any color. Dragging an icon onto a band member will make them more colorful and possess a great assortment of musical abilities. Do the same with other members of the band. As a result, your band makes great music. Double-click the character in the band to return the character to its original state. You can then change the music icons for that character and create a piece of music that has a better melody.

Developer and release date

This rhythm music game is released by So Far So Good. Incredibox was first released in August 2009. It has many different versions but has the same gameplay. You can play this game on the Web browser, iOS, Android, macOS, Microsoft, Windows, ChromeOS, and Steam.

Overall reviews of the game

Like Oops! No Brakes, this Incredibox game is a great game for you to relax and entertain. It not only possesses attractive and vivid visuals but also has intuitive gameplay mechanics. Players can master a multitude of interesting tracks with just the basics of musical symbols. In addition, you can also unlock interesting rewards in this game. Be a bandleader of a cappella group and create amazing music like never before.