Oops! No Brakes

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Oops! No Brakes is a weird driving game where your car has no brakes. Your goal in this game is to drive the car non-stop safely to the finish line.

Description of the Oops! No Brakes game

Get the destination with a no-brakes car

Unlike the challenges in the Bad Time Simulator game, this game gives you the challenge of driving in a state of brake failure. On the vast ocean, there are platforms on which a car has lost its brakes. Your task is to control that car to move to the destination where indicated by a flag. It is difficult to complete this task. Your car is always moving at a certain speed and cannot stop when you get stuck. Bridges are always what connect platforms and you must cross them to get to the location of the flag, which is always moving. Therefore, this is also considered a game of skill when it requires you to react quickly to cross the bridge. In addition, there are other terrain difficulties that you must conquer in order to achieve your goals. Don't let your car fall into the water.

Control of the game you have to know

All the control needed for you to rotate your car is the mouse. Moving the mouse in any direction will make the car move in that direction. Alternatively, you can press R to retry any level you want.

Attractive features of the game Oops! No Brakes

  • Multiple levels: This is one of the interesting features that most driving games have. The levels are designed to challenge the player's skills while at the same time attracting them to conquer them. Later levels are always harder to conquer than levels because the challenges will become more. For example, faster vehicle speeds, smaller connecting bridges, and more.
  • Interesting things: There are many interesting things when you play this game. First, gold coins are designed to be in dangerous locations. If you are a player who wants to conquer the challenge, challenge yourself to control your car to those dangerous locations to collect coins and safely reach the destination. Besides, there will be a guide to guide you to your destination. Follow that instruction to get to the requested location.
  • Selection of levels: Unlike other games when you have to complete the goal of a level, you can experience a new level. In this game, you can select Select The Level and then choose any level you want to experience.
  • Timer: In the right corner, there is a timer. You can observe the amount of time it takes you to complete a level. Plus, you can record your play history and replay it to break your limits.