Kick The Buddy

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Kick The Buddy is an idle game that you should experience. Buddy is ready for your torments and your mission is just to have fun with this game.

The goal of Kick The Buddy

In this game, there is a cloth puppet named Buddy. It has absolute self-healing ability. No matter how much you hurt it, it can heal itself. Also, every time you hurt it with hits or punches, you get gold coins. Therefore, when playing this game, you have the task to earn as much gold as possible by hurting Buddy.

How to play the game

Kick the puppet to get gold coins

To attack this Buddy cloth puppet, you will use weapons such as knives, guns, rifles, tanks, and so on. However, only knives are available for you to use at the start of the game. Other weapons need to be unlocked using gold coins. Specifically, you use the mouse to click on the Buddy puppet, a knife will appear and pin it to that puppet. If the knife hits the target, you will receive a gold coin. The more knives you pin, the more money you make.

Earn as much money as you can and then unlock other weapons. Unlocked weapons will give you more gold coins after each attack. Therefore, your gold earning speed will become faster. Then you continue to unlock other weapons and continue your frenzied attacks.

How to control

  • Use the computer mouse or move the virtual mouse on the screen to select.
  • Click or tap to show your attack.