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Walkthrough this horror game

Escaping from the horror place

Granny is a horror game set up at a dingy refugee camp with a scary grandma. You must run away from this building before grandma catches you.

In a shabby and haunted refugee camp with murky colors, there is an existence that everyone dreads talking about. That's Grandma. Unfortunately, you wake up to find yourself in that refugee camp. The dim lighting along with the musty smell of the room make you scared but increasingly alert.

You know you have to get out of this refugee camp as soon as possible. However, the door is locked and the grandma is already detecting your presence in the house. How can you leave here? Quickly finding the key to the door to be able to open it and get out is the only solution. Get ready for a thrilling horror quest. If you like this kind of horror game, Siren Head would be a great game for you.

Way to control the character to move

It is necessary to understand the character's moves, runs, and attacks in this horror game. Move with WASD just like other 3D games. Use C to crouch or stand, R to hide or unhide, E to pick up or interact, space to drop something, and F to remove a bear trap, place or use it. Finally, you left click to shoot.

Attractive custom feature

Game difficulty and horror adjustment features are available. If you are new to this game, it's highly recommended to play the game on an easy level. Do not choose nightmare mode if you are a person who often has nightmares. On the contrary, is a brave person and often challenges his bravery, conquering more difficult modes. The options for Darker, Extra Locks, Music, and Nightmare will make your experience of this game more difficult, more horror, more thrilling, and more interesting.