Siren Head

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Sift Heads is a shooting simulation game where you will transform into a sniper whose mission is to destroy the bad guys in this game. Let's kill them all.

Be a sniper in the Sift Heads game

Do you have great shooting skills? On a relaxing day, you are enjoying an expensive drink and watching your favorite movie. Got a call coming in about a new assignment. This mission requires you to destroy terrorists, evil names specializing in illegal goods. Are you ready to show off your sniper skills? From afar and high position, can you hit the target and destroy enemies?

Kill all bad stickmen in the game

Aim and shoot accurately

Like the Sir Kain Battle game, the key to making a good sniper is patience and observation. You will start your mission when these bad guys are late to the exchange. The other bad guys are in a bulletproof vehicle so it's hard to kill them. Therefore, let's start with the bad guy coming out of the house. Waiting for his arrival and giving him a deadly bullet in his head. After the first bad guy is destroyed, the people in the car will start the car and run away. Chase them and eliminate them. Be careful not to hurt any other friendly villagers because your mission will be over.

How to control the character

You shoot the bullets by clicking the left mouse button. Each time you click the left mouse button, a bullet will fly out. The number of bullets you own will vary depending on the mission object you have to destroy. For example, you have 6 bullets to kill the first bad guy while you have 8 bullets to kill the next target.