Space Pirates

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Have you ever thought that you could fly a spaceship in space? Coming to this Space Pirates 3D game, you not only have the opportunity to fly an amazing spaceship but also participate in thrilling and dramatic battles. Take control of your spaceship and destroy the enemy spaceship. Get ready to join the Space Pirates game and start becoming a galactic guardian. Control the spaceship to destroy the evil space pirates in this game. This game is a 3D game developed and published by the game development company Babylon. Anyone can play this single-player shooter game on web browsers like in the Oops! No Brakes game.

Control the spaceship to destroy the enemy

You become a galactic guardian in this game and have a mission to destroy the space pirates. Destroying them is a difficult journey that requires you to possess skills in the spaceship and aim.

How to control the spaceship

Move the mouse to navigate the airship's flight direction and press the left mouse button to get your plane into attack mode. You should note the dark yellow arrows in the corners of the screen. They will show you the location of your opponent. Control the spaceship to move according to the arrows and start deadly battles.

Game mode

There are three game modes in this game including Solo, Squad, and Battle. All 3 modes have the same task, which is to destroy all enemies so that you are the only one left. Solo and Squad mode will give you fewer enemies than Battle mode. The number of enemies that you kill will appear in the left corner of the screen and be announced after you finish the game. Wish you have a wonderful time.