On The Top

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What is On the Top?

On The Top is an online game that offers you a new environment and way of wrestling. Win your opponent in a strange fun way when the opponent's head falls.

As I mentioned above, this game can be seen as a wrestling arena for two players. However, you will do a wrestling match in a new way. Moving smartly to knock your opponent down is the way to win this game. Are you ready to step in and make your opponent admire you?

How to win On The Top

How to play

You will do battles with another player who can be the computer or your friend. If you choose to wrestle in single-player mode, your opponent is a computer AI character. Besides, if you choose to fight in two-player mode, you and your friend will be each other's opponents. In this case, two people will perform the wrestling battle on the same computer.

Battles will take place immediately. The player's character who falls first is likely to be the loser. The final decision is who is the loser when the head of either character falls. While the head fall sounds scary, this is not the case at all. Characters are stick people and when this phenomenon occurs, there will not be any scary elements. There is no blood and no screaming like in horror games such as Siren Head. Therefore, anyone can play, even children.

The way to control the character

The way to control the character to perform wrestling battles is very simple. Players often play this game on computers for the best experience. Therefore, you will mainly use the keyboard to control the character. For the first player, W, A, S, and D are the keys that the player needs to pay attention to. Besides, the second player will use the arrow key to control the character.