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The mechanics of the Leftovers game

Leftovers is a scary game where you have to complete the job your mother gave you and return home safely. Can you complete this task brilliantly?

How the game works

In this game, you play the role of a child in a single family. Your mother is a very caring and gentle person. In one dinner, your mother cooked a lot of delicious food, but you and your mother could not eat them all. A great idea popped into your mom's head and she decided to ask you to do it. The idea is to bring food to the neighbors around your house.

What happens when you finish the job your mother gave you? Is it an easy job or an intimidating task? The task looks simple, but it is scarier than ever because you are not familiar with the neighbors around your house. You will meet a lot of strangers, some of whom treat you very well and some who behave badly towards you. You must have your own judgment and know how to behave to be able to get rid of bad neighbors. Complete your mother's duty excellently and then return home safely.

How to control

When starting the game, there will be a small guide in the top left corner of the screen. You pay attention to it to know how to control this game or you can read the following instructions.

  • WASD = Move
  • Mouse = Look around
  • Left-click = Interact with objects
  • Escape = Open the menu

Overall rating of the game Leftovers

This game gives players the same thrill and stimulation as when playing the Siren Head game. With murky colors in the dark night, quiet sounds and sometimes sudden sounds will make you nervous but looking forward to what will happen next. This game also helps you increase your judgment when dealing with different types of neighbors. Let's join and experience.