Temple of Boom

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Temple of Boom belongs to the genre of survival games in which you must try to escape the dangerous temple by killing all the monsters. Where do you belong?

Strange Temple with dangerous monsters

When entering this game, you will find yourself in a strange and dangerous temple. In that temple, there are many different dangerous monsters. At the same time, there are many modern weapons with great damage. To escape from that temple, you must destroy all living things in this game. Breakthrough waves of deadly attacks to find the exit door. Step through that door, and you are free like in the Tomb of the Mask game.

Conquer the game by killing all the monsters

How to play

You are equipped with a gun in this game. Use it to destroy all other life from monsters to other players. There are weapon crates in the temple. You move the character to the location of the crates and collect weapons. It will be easier to kill the enemy with a more modern weapon that has more damage.

Conventional and Campaign are two modes in this game. Whichever mode you choose to play in, surviving to the very end is your goal. In addition, if you want to join Temple of Boom with your friends, tap on Two Player to play.

How to control

Player 1

  • Jump or Double jump by pressing U
  • Move sideways with A and S
  • Pick up the weapon by using S
  • Shoot -by pressing C
  • Switch weapons by using V

Player 2

  • Jump or Double jump with the Up Arrow key
  • Move sideways using the Left and Right Arrow keys
  • Pick up the weapon by using the Down Arrow key
  • Shoot by pressing K
  • Switch weapon with L