Soccer Random

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Soccer Random is a soccer sports simulation where your goal is to get the first five points. Get ready to kick the ball into your opponent's goal.

Be a soccer player

Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world. Every time the world cup season comes, everyone eagerly awaits amazing kicks from amazing players. So have you ever thought about becoming a soccer player? No need to worry about the playing field and no need to worry about the players, Soccer Random is a two-player soccer game that will give you satisfaction and great times.

Get 5 goals to win in a soccer match

The rule

You become a soccer player who will be responsible for two missions including defender and goalkeeper. You have to both protect your goal and make an effort to kick the ball so that it hits the opponent's goal to score. Every time you kick the ball into the opponent's goal, you get one point. If you reach 5 points before your opponent, you become the winner.

The environment for you to perform soccer matches is diverse. Once you or your opponent scores a point, the playing field changes once. Sometimes your match will take place on the beach where you can enjoy the ocean waves and golden sands. Sometimes the ice rink will be the place for you to play soccer. There are many other interesting environments in this game. Let's enjoy! If you want to try another kind of game, start with the Undertale game.

How to control your soccer player

What are you waiting for without pressing Play to start the Soccer Random game right away? Choose single-player mode to start a match against the computer or choose two-player mode to have a match with your friend on the same computer. Each player only needs one control button to control their character. In specific, the first player uses the W key and the second player uses the up arrow key.