Rabbit Samurai

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About Rabbit Samurai

Transform into a Samurai master and start your journey to rescue other samurai members in Rabbit Samurai. Collect rare carrots and items on your rescue journey.

Introduction about the Rabbit Samurai game

You've seen a lot of movies and heard about the legends of the great samurai of Japan. So have you ever thought you would one day become a samurai? Join this exciting game to become a great samurai. Inspired by the movie Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles which came out on April 28, 2022, Mini Duck Games has released this game with a similar setting where you can rescue kidnapped samurai and become a great samurai.

The mission to rescue the kidnapped Samurai

As I mentioned above, the game's setting is when a lot of young samurai are kidnapped and locked up in a strange place. It is your duty to rescue them and bring them back home. Use your unique weapon to move and make collisions with the cages to free the other samurai. On that thrilling journey full of fun and challenges, there are many carrots and precious items such as diamonds and gold coins. Don't hesitate to collect them all. Avoid dangerous spikes and save all those trapped.

Attractive features of Rabbit Samurai

The chance to become a legendary Samurai awaits you. Sharp graphics with cute samurai rabbits, mysterious forests, and diverse challenges. Fun and dramatic sounds will raise your heroic spirit. Challenge after challenge will test your samurai skills. 12 levels are always available for a great day. After becoming a samurai hero, get ready to be a hero in the Undertale Last Breath game.