Perfect Piano

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Be a pianist in the Perfect Piano game


Perfect Piano is a classical music game that allows the player to become a pianist. Many world-famous songs are ready to test your piano skills in the game.

Becoming a pianist in this game is a pretty easy thing. However, to become a skilled artist, you will probably need some passion, interest, musical ability, and skill. Don't worry about it, you will surely succeed and have a passion for piano when you join this game.

The way you play songs

This game offers you up to 100 world-famous songs for you to challenge your inner pianist. A virtual piano keyboard consisting of 4 basic keys is displayed on the screen. The notes of different songs are designed differently based on these 4 keys. Your task is to click on the notes displayed on the screen in turn. You can choose to play the keyboard with your finger or connect an external keyboard while playing this game. Your music will not be perfect if you miss too many notes or you hit the wrong note. As a result, you will lose. However, the game has no turn limit so you don't have to worry about that. Starting a new journey is more exciting than the old one.

Attractive features of this music game

  • Players have a more immersive experience because you can play this game with real keyboards in addition to the virtual keyboard.
  • There are 7 albums in this game including First Trip, Day of Harmony, Sea Breeze, Evening Tide, Nature Vibes, Gold Rhythms, and Master Tons.
  • Like the Tomb of the Mask game, the difficulty level is arranged in ascending order. The speed of the following songs will be faster than the previous songs, causing players to not react in time and miss notes.
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to compete against another player.