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Monopoly is a multiplayer board game, you can win by rolling the dice and recovering all of your opponent's assets so they go bankrupt in the game.

The Basic Rules

A game board, a set of tokens, two six-sided dice, a set of houses and hotels, and play money are required to play Monopoly. The objective of the game is to amass the most wealth by purchasing, renting, and trading real estate. With each turn, a player will roll the dice and move their token to the number of spaces indicated by the result. Depending on where they land, they may purchase the property, pay the owner rent, draw a chance or community chest card, go to prison, or take other special actions.

Players can purchase properties by landing on an unclaimed space and selecting to acquire it. They are then able to construct houses and hotels on their properties, thereby increasing the rent that other players must pay when landing on those locations. In addition to purchasing and constructing properties, players can exchange properties, mortgage their properties for cash, and take other strategic actions to increase their fortune.

The game concludes when one player has amassed a predetermined quantity of wealth or when all other players have gone bankrupt.

How to play

Use the mouse.