Metal Black Ops

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Metal Black Ops is a fun simple single player shooting game. In this game, become a mercenary whose mission is to save the world and complete it brilliantly.

Enjoy the gameplay of Metal Black Ops

The world is being attacked by an army and upsets peaceful life. You are a mercenary in this game and are hired to destroy that army. Because, you are on your way to the area of that army to destroy them. Before officially performing this mission, you have an extremely important task. It is to equip yourself with modern weapons to be able to attack the enemy. This is one of the important factors to determine your victory.

In the weapons booth, choose your metal commando and the weapon you want. However, your buget is limited. Therefore, you need to think carefully and choose the type of weapon you want. In the process of killing enemies, you will also receive gold coins from those you defeat. After owning yourself a good amount of money, go back to the booth and equip a better weapon.

The great things that this game attracts you

Easy to control

During gameplay, instructions will appear if there are any new elements. Also, the play controls are easy as you just need to use the virtual control buttons on the screen if you play this game on a mobile device. In case you play this game on computer devices, you use the mouse to click and the arrow key to move.

Eye-catching graphics

This game is a 2D game designed with a great graphics. The image of a mercenary with a serious face on a noble mission against the evil horde and the constant collision of bullets, bombs, and so on will impress you.