Magic Tiles 3

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About Magic Tiles 3


Magic Tiles 3 is an online music game where you can play piano music with world-famous music. Show your musical talent in this fantastic game.

The game simulates a female piano that produces great sounds like a real piano. However, if a real piano has a lot of tiles, this game has only 4 key tiles. These keys will have different short lengths which emit different sounds.

Play piano in Magic Tiles 3

The game will provide players with world-famous soundtracks like the soundtracks in Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator. Your task in this game is to complete that track as perfectly as possible. Relying on the available musical tiles, you will make a great piano performance. Don't miss a musical tile or miss a tile. The game will end if you miss many music tiles or hit the wrong tile. Therefore, calm, focused, and always ready for any situation. Perfect the song, get a high score, and keep performing other songs.

Great information you would like to know about the game

  • This music game is a classic music game that is famous for decades. You can play it on any browser on any device, even on an app.
  • Play the piano easily with your mouse on your computer and your finger on your touchscreen phone.
  • Lots of popular songs are waiting for you. The tracks of these songs have increasing difficulty. In particular, the speed of the music tiles becomes faster and more vibrant. Players may not be able to react in time to the speed of the music tiles. However, nothing is impossible. Prove your piano-playing talent.