Funny Shooter 2

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Play Funny Shooter 2 to get fun

Funny Shooter 2 from game developer GoGoMan is back with an even better version. Conquer the shooting game by killing all enemies while you are staying safe.

Eliminate all the enemies

Play the role of a heroic soldier and destroy all enemies in this game. Your enemies are armed pink people. They appear from afar, in front of you, behind, and to your sides. They run towards you and attack directly to destroy you or throw weapons at you. You also have the same destruction mission.

Armed with firearms and ammunition, you seem to have the advantage of attacking from a distance and have a high probability of successfully destroying the enemy. However, the number of enemy combs was too much and they came from all sides like the attacks in the Undertale Last Breath game. Therefore, you must be careful to come up with strategies for yourself.


  • Move around by using the arrow keys.
  • Aim and shoot by using the computer mouse.
  • Run by using W and Shift at the same time.
  • Jump by using the space bar.

Tips to play

  • In the process of destroying the enemy, you must constantly look behind and to your sides. Enemies can surround you on all sides if you don't pay attention. As a result, it's highly likely that you lose.
  • You need to pay attention to your ammo count. When the amount of ammo is running low, you need to move and keep a distance from the enemy because you need time to gain bullets.
  • The number of your enemies will increase and they will become more difficult to destroy. Therefore, you need to collect gold coins to unlock weapons with greater damage.