Crazy Runner In City

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Crazy Runner In City is a free online game about your crazy running journey on a dangerous road. Remember to collect diamonds and run to the finish line.

Your mission in this Crazy Runner In City game

Overcoming challenges on the running track

In the city, suddenly appeared a road that seemed to have no end in the air. This road is very dangerous because it is quite narrow and sometimes breaks. Besides, obstacles also appear often. At first, the people there were bewildered about this newly emerged path. However, it has become the place where people come to conquer it. You join the challenge of conquering this road and your goal is to go as far as you can. Run and show off your parkour skills as well as your obstacle course skills.

Collect diamonds on the run

One of the things that attracts people to this dangerous road is that it contains a lot of precious diamonds. Players participating in this game can own the diamonds they collect. Therefore, do not hesitate to collect as many diamonds as possible.

Interesting features of the game

  • Like other running games, Crazy Runner In City does not contain any limiting elements. Therefore, anyone can enjoy this running game anywhere and at any time.
  • Simple controls are what makes this game interesting, and a tutorial is also introduced before you start your run.
  • Full screen mode is always available for players to have the best possible experience.