Bacon May Die

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It's time to play Bacon May Die

Bacon May Die is a survival game that tells the thrilling journey of Bacon. Your objective is to control Bacon to eliminate all living animals around you.

The task of eliminating all the enemies

As you probably already know, Bacon is the pig character that you will have to control in this fun and quirky action game. Your pig loves to eat bacon and now you and Bacon are engaged in a fierce battle. Specifically, you will navigate this Bacon pig performing attacks to destroy all enemies around you.

The game is designed to have a lot of waves of enemies. Your enemies are diverse as they can be zombies, robots, or other creatures. As soon as you complete the mission of killing a wave of enemies, a new wave appears. The following wave of enemies will be more dangerous and number of enemies than the previous wave of enemies like attacks in the Sir Kain Battle game. Therefore, you always have to put yourself in a position to be ready to fight.

How to control Bacon

The arrow keys are used to control the character Bacon. You press the up arrow key to jump up and attack. Press the left and right keys to control your pig to move left or right and attack. The down arrow key will help Bacon perform attacks during somersaults. Alternatively, you can hold down any arrow key to change your weapon into a gun.

Tips and tricks to play

  • You have to face many different waves of dangerous enemies. After each time you win, you will receive coins and other power-ups for your Bacon. Use them to upgrade weapons, increase health, and unlock new abilities. As a result, you can defeat your enemies more easily.
  • When facing different enemies, you can use different weapons depending on the situation to kill the enemy faster.
  • Notice the stats of your Bacon's health, the number of opponents you kill, and your remaining bullets in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Unlock skins to make your character more attractive. For example, your Bacon becomes eye-catching with beautiful hats, cute glasses, or cool clothes.