12 MiniBattles

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Take part in mini battles in the 12 MiniBattles game


12 MiniBattles is a fun multiplayer game where you can experience 12 different battles in the same game. Compete in various categories to find the better one.

It can be said that 12 MiniBattles is an interesting game that you will never be able to experience in any other game. Instead of playing a single game, you can experience up to 12 different game types in the same game. You can play football, basketball, racing, and many more games in this game.

How to find the winner

This is a two-player game that allows you to join your friends and compete against each other. In each minibattle, whoever gets the first point will be the winner. Over minibattles in this game, the one with more wins will be the final winner. A and B are the two main controls of this fun game. The first player uses the A key and the second player uses the L key to play. Are you ready to compete with your friends and find out who is the better player?

Developer and release date

Developer Shared Dreams aka Mariano Maffia created this game in July 2017. The game was updated in April 2019 with a total of 36 mini-battles in all.

Important update of 12 MiniBattles

Like Sans Fight Simulator, a special feature about the game that makes many players love this game more and more is its update. Now, this game not only offers 12 different battles anymore but it has been increased to 36 mini battles. Playing this game, players can show all their gaming skills and strategy in all kinds of games like racing, strategy, adventure, and more. However, the game retains the old name of 12 MiniBattles. Get ready to enjoy your battles with your friends!